MSW Power's fully integrated Battalion Waste-to-Energy (BWEC GEM) system converts 3 tons of trash per day in the form of paper, wood (e. g. pallets), plastic, agricultural waste, and food into electricity and heat.

The container-sized system uses our patented gasification process to provide a highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly means to derive energy value from refuse.

The BWEC GEM converts a mixed waste stream into electricity and heat.  The transformation from waste to energy takes place through a series of efficient, closely controlled steps within a self-contained, modular environment designed for ease of operation and maintenance. It is designed to integrate readily with existing waste management programs. For example, customers can choose either a centralized or decentralized installation, depending on the proximity of waste handling to energy use.  

The BWEC GEM features automatic ash removal and weekly maintenance can be conducted with minimal disruption to operations. While on-site personnel should check on the BWEC GEM periodically to make sure it is running smoothly, the BWEC GEM is designed to operate without frequent intervention. Using the built-in remote management system, MSW Power can monitor operation of the BWEC GEM to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation.  During the initial start-up and installation service, MSW Power will provide all necessary training of on-site personnel. In addition, a comprehensive operations manual will be delivered with the system.

The BWEC GEM is available only to U.S. Government agencies.