HydroPactor Animation

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Solid Waste Destruction System consists of a compactor that mechanically and thermally removes moisture from solid waste, a pyrolysis unit, and a small-scale gasifier. Learn More.

The HydroPactor uses an innovative process.  It compacts waste at a greater rate than that of conventional compactors and significantly reduces the weight of the waste steam by removing a significant percentage of moisture.  Learn More.

The BWEC GEM on-site waste-to-energy gasification system all but eliminates waste hauling fees and creates clean energy for your facility.  Learn More.

The Need  -  Tons of solid waste are generated by companies (universities, hospitals, hotels, arenas, supermarkets, industrial plants) during the normal course of operations. The impact of this burden is easily measured by high waste management costs, limited and overgrown landfills, and overall environmental stress.